Aquarium of the Pacific

91% love it
Swim with the fishes
Head to the coast and check out the popular Aquarium of the Pacific, home to dozens of exhibits and habitats representing and recreating regions like the Northern Pacific and Australia. While you may not find an gay penguins, you can check out the large numbers of sealife and animals as well as behind-the scenes tours and special classes offered to aquarium visitors.


    • BBUC
      BBUC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Ok it's not in same level as Monterey, Atlanta, Boston or Baltimore aquariums but it is still a nice visit. Yes it does get crowded with school kids, but thats almost to be expected. We enjoyed the exhibits and it was a nice day out with family in town. They do have a large collection of specimens and you won't be totally disappointed.

    • mjbeahm
      mjbeahm Over a year ago
      Hates it

      If you like being surrounded by kids ...
      As an Aquarium, its OK. It focuses alot on California Marine Life which might be interesting to some adults, but when I was there it was littered with screaming school kids. And hey, I work with kids. Love em. Think they're precious. But when they are all on a school trip and the chaperons are on a cigarette break ... well, let's just say that its what hell must be like on the 7th level.